QuestionsCategory: Health QuestionsWhich fitness skill combines strength and speed?
Allen asked 4 years ago

I was wondering if you can give me an advice on how to go with a fitness program that accurate with my age, height and weight. 

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michelle1 answered 4 years ago

5 Health-Related Fitness Components
1.Muscular Strength: The ability of muscles to lift a heavy weight or exert a lot of force one time.
2.Muscular Endurance: The ability to use muscles for a long period of time without tiring.
3.Cardiovascular Endurance: The ability of the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and blood to work efficiently and
to supply the body with oxygen.
4.Body Composition: The combination of all of the tissues that make up the body such as bones muscle, organs and body fat.
5.Flexibility: The ability to use your joints fully through a wide range of motion.

6 Skill Related Fitness Components
1. Agility – The ability to change body positions quickly and keep the body under control when moving.
2. Balance – The ability to keep the body in a steady position while standing and moving.
3. Coordination – The ability of body parts to work together when you perform an activity.
4. Power – The ability to combine strength with speed while moving.
5. Speed – The ability to move all or a part of the body quickly.
6. Reaction Time – The ability to move quickly once a signal to start moving is received.
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